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Bugatti – Changes in the Comité de Direction

Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann presents his first line of management.

Bugatti – Changes in the Comité de Direction

Every Wednesday they meet at 9:00 am for the weekly Board Meeting, or as it is called at Bugatti: Comité de Direction. While personal attendance is preferred by the management team, even before the times of social distancing and frequent home office, the meetings always included the option of video conferencing for those on travels – of course through a secure line. The Comité de Direction doesn’t only analyze the status quo of operations, but works relentlessly on extending the brand’s legacy into the future.

Tim Bravo, Head of Communications

  • Stephan Winkelmann, President of the Brand Bugatti
  • Christophe Piochon, Managing Director Production and Logistics
  • Stefan Ellrott, Managing Director Technical Development
  • Christian Mastro, Managing Director Sales, Marketing, After Sales and Licensing
  • Rico Kreyenberg, Managing Director Finance, Controlling and IT
  • Anja Utermark, Managing Director Human Resources, Compliance and Legal Affairs
  • Dominique Kuenzel, Head of Procurement
  • Michael Och, Head of Quality
  • Tim Bravo, Head of Communications

“My first line of management is crucial to me, as they are the colleagues that have to take the decisions we make to the team and implement actions”, says Stephan Winkelmann. “But make no mistake – at Bugatti we know very well that the Comité de Direction alone wouldn’t get to produce and deliver one single Chiron1. It may start with our decisions, but Bugatti is the sum of every single man and woman in the offices, in the workshops, on test and development drives or in the Atelier, our production. This is what truly makes us who we are, what makes us special, what makes us strong.”

  • 1 Chiron: WLTP fuel consumption, l/100 km: low phase 44.56 / medium phase 24.80 / high phase 21.29 / extra high phase 21.57 / combined 25.19; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 571.64; efficiency class: GPDF
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