Press release5/18/2019

Mille Miglia 2019 – Day 3

Mille Miglia 2019 – Day 3


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The collectible sports cars head north through Tuscany, making their way through Mediterranean towns and landscapes: Radicofani to Siena, then Montecatini before arriving in the city of Bologna. The course is almost finished. For Christian Mastro, Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at Bugatti, this stage is very special.

“We are a long way from our home in Molsheim, and yet so close to an important part of our brand history”, explains Christian Mastro. “It was here in Emilia-Romagna region, in Campogalliano, that Romano Artioli revived the brand in 1987 by building the legendary EB110, before Bugatti moved back home in Molsheim at the end of the century. Coincidentally, it is also the region that saw me grow up, my home, which makes this stage of the Mille Miglia very special to me. ”