Press release9/7/2019

Grand Tour – Day 5: Paris – Molsheim

Grand Tour – Day 5: Paris – Molsheim


The grand Tour finds its way back home

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The start from the place Vendôme was exceptional for the Bugatti parade. The following stage of the Grand Tour took place in the Champagne region, another French region famous for the food it has to offer. A Champaign tasting was organized before heading back on the road for Alsace, where the awaited goal lies, the heart of Bugatti: Molsheim.

“Here is where the roots of Bugatti are, where our home is”, Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti explains. “It is in Molsheim that La Marque was born and it was unimaginable to finish the Grand Tour for our 110 years anywhere else than here.” Indeed, Molsheim is still today home to the Bugatti headquarters – the most prestigious hyper sports cars of the world such as the Chiron or the Divo are assembled there. Furthermore, it is a meaningful place for any Bugatti enthusiast.

The celebration continues, the Château Saint-Jean, the Remises Nord and Sud are ready to welcome all the guests to this anniversary which will last for the next 2 days and brings together all those who bring La Marque to life. It is easy to see, that the element that links all of these people to La Marque and to the values of Ettore, is a passion for cars and a unique craftsmanship.

Vive La Marque!