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Bugatti Photo Release – First Divo deliveries to the US West Coast

Bugatti Photo Release – First Divo deliveries to the US West Coast


Meeting of superlatives at "The Thermal Club" in Palm Desert, California.

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Fuel consumption and emissions

  • 1Divo: WLTP fuel consumption, l/100 km: low phase 43,33 / medium phase 22,15 / high phase 17,99 / extra high phase 18,28 / combined 22,32; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 505,61; efficiency class: G

Bugatti is off to a successful start in the new year 2021: three of the four Divo1 vehicles commissioned through the dealership partner Bugatti Beverly Hills were recently delivered to their owners. However, before making their way to their new owners, the three unique hyper sports cars met for one last drive together at the private racetrack "The Thermal Club" in Palm Desert, California.

While temperatures stagnate around zero in Molsheim, the headquarters of the French luxury brand, the three Divo fresh from production were able to demonstrate their skills under the Californian sun. “To see these spectacular automobile works of art go from piece of paper to sitting here in front of me is a phenomenal feeling,” says Tim O'Hara, General Manager Bugatti Beverly Hills. ”It was a very involved and lengthy process that demanded our best skills and expertise. To deliver 4 of only 40 to be built in the world and see the project through fruition is deeply gratifying.”

Highly customized, high-performance and exclusive. With the Divo, Bugatti has developed a hyper sports car that revives the coachbuilding tradition of the luxury car manufacturer. It is powered by Bugatti’s iconic eight-litre W16 engine with a power output of 1,500 PS and is limited to a top speed of 380 km/h. In total, only 40 Divo will be produced at the Atelier in Molsheim at a unit price of 5 million euros each. The first deliveries of the hyper sports car took place in August 2020 and all Divo will have been delivered to their owners during the first months of 2021.

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