Press release9/29/2021

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport – Prospects Experience the New Hyper Sports Car for the First Time

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport – Prospects Experience the New Hyper Sports Car for the First Time
Chiron Super Sport: Fuel consumption combined (WLTP): 21.47 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined (WLTP): 486.72 g/km


Prospects and journalists tested the new Chiron Super Sport for the first time on the Circuit Paul Ricard, experiencing the full Bugatti spectrum of performance.

Fuel consumption and emissions

  • 1Chiron Super Sport: WLTP fuel consumption, l/100 km: low phase 40.31 / medium phase 22.15 / high phase 17.89 / extra high phase 17.12 / combined 21.47; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 486.72; efficiency class: G

5.84 kilometers of the finest asphalt featuring two long straights for top speed – the Circuit Paul Ricard racetrack near the small town Le Castellet on the Côte d’Azur in the south of France offers the perfect conditions for introducing the new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport1. After all, the hyper sports car takes longitudinal dynamics to a new dimension.

A highly exclusive group of prospects and journalists had the opportunity to experience the most recent model of the Chironfamily from Molsheim for the first time dynamically on the Circuit Paul Ricard, France’s renowned racetrack, and the surrounding public roads. And even more: they got the chance to directly compare it with the Chiron Pur Sport, Bugatti’s most agile Chiron, and could thus test-drive both extremes of Bugatti’s spectrum of performance.

“To experience the performance of the new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport in all of its facets, you need to drive the new hyper sports car intensively. I’m therefore delighted that we could offer our guests this opportunity at Circuit Paul Ricard,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “The Chiron Super Sport boasts an incredible performance and has its own distinct personality within the Chiron family. It was exciting to hear their feedback and see their reactions, it was genuinely positive.”

Former race car and experienced Bugatti test drivers guided the participants around the circuit, explaining the corners and the 1.6-kilometer Mistral to them in detail – the ideal straight to accelerate the Chiron Super Sport and experience its longitudinal dynamics. With an electronically limited top speed of 440 km/h, the Chiron Super Sport is the fastest Bugatti production vehicle and the fastest street homologated automobile in the world. The most powerful version of the Chiron delivers an output of 1,600 PS and accelerates from 0 to 200 km/h in 5.8 seconds and to 300 km/h in 12.1 seconds.

The Chiron Super Sport combines extreme top speed with luxury and comfort and is thus continuing the brand’s very long tradition, from the first Super Sport, the Type 55, unveiled back in 1931 over the EB110 Super Sport and Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.

Uncompromisingly created for top speed

It is obvious at first sight that the new Chiron Super Sport has been designed to uncompromisingly optimize aerodynamics. Bugatti created a new vehicle design with enhanced aerodynamics so that, even at top speed, the Chiron Super Sport offers plenty of downforce coupled with as little drag as possible. From the front splitter to the rear diffuser, the engineers developed every centimeter of its skin for top speed. The Chiron Super Sport’s extended rear, which is known as a “longtail”, give it new proportions which lend it very distinctive aesthetics – as an uncompromising expression of the Bugatti design mantra “Form follows performance.”

“It was great to see how both models could convince our customers. They could immediately sense, how different they are and at the same time how exceptional their driving capabilities are. And all that without losing an inch of the Bugatti unique comfort”, says Hendrik Malinowski, Director of Sales and Operations.

Customers and prospects who have not yet made up their mind, may need to speed up: Of the 500 vehicles planned for the Chiron family, more than 450 have either been delivered or are scheduled for production at the Atelier in Molsheim. So there are less than 50 vehicles available for order.

The Chiron Super Sport is in its last fine tuning development phase before production at the Molsheim atelier will begin. The delivery of the new hyper sports car with a price tag of 3.2 million euros (net) is scheduled for early 2022.