Press release7/2/2018

Asian premiere for the Bugatti Chiron Sport

Asian premiere for the Bugatti Chiron Sport

Molsheim / Singapour

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Last weekend at the Fullerton Concours d’Elegance in Singapore, Bugatti celebrated the Asian premiere of the Chiron Sport1.

At the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann unveiled the Sport version of the Chiron2 together with Pang Cheong Yan, Managing Director of the French luxury brand‘s dealer in Singapore, Wearnes Automotive. The 1,500 PS Chiron Sport was one of the highlights of the event, held for the first time by the luxury hotel on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Fullerton Building, which has played an important role in the history of the island and city state. The Fullerton Concours d’Elegance attracted more than 30,000 visitors and was one of the largest automobile events of this type to date in South-East Asia, with more than 90 vintage and classic cars from private collections in Singapore and Malaysia as well as sports and super sports cars from renowned brands.

About the Chiron Sport

The Chiron Sport saw its world premiere at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. The super sports car offers significantly improved handling and even greater agility with no change in the power or performance data. For this purpose, Bugatti has developed a dynamic handling package and reduced the weight of its car by about 18 kilograms. As a result, the Chiron Sport reaches higher cornering speeds and can lap the Nard handling circuit in the south of Italy five seconds faster than the Chiron. The basic price of the Chiron Sport is €2.65 million net. A base price of US$3.26 million including transport, customs duties, taxes and fees has been set for the US market. It is planned to deliver the first vehicles to customers at the end of the year.