Press release4/28/2021

Exquisite luggage on a new level: Custom-fit Chiron baggage is as individual as every Bugatti

Exquisite luggage on a new level: Custom-fit Chiron baggage is as individual as every Bugatti


Every Bugatti handcrafted in Molsheim is unique. Now the unrivaled luxury experience allows clients to individualize their own personalized Bugatti by Schedoni bespoke luggage set at the same time as configuring their Chiron masterpiece.

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Fuel consumption and emissions

  • 1Chiron: WLTP fuel consumption, l/100 km: low phase 44.56 / medium phase 24.80 / high phase 21.29 / extra high phase 21.57 / combined 25.19; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 571.64; efficiency class: G

The Bugatti Chiron1 is a hyper sports car that sets hearts racing with unrivaled performance. The most powerful and most exclusive production hyper sports car in the French luxury brand’s history is also supremely elegant and represents a performance-oriented masterpiece. Perfectly in harmony with the Bugatti values of excellence, courage and dedication the Chiron is borne out of a continuous quest to innovate and push boundaries. Yet, the Chiron is also an inspirational ‘Gran Turismo’ that provides its owners with accessible every-day usability and road travel. Now, customers can configure a Bugatti by Schedoni bespoke luggage set to match their Chiron.

A new, highly individualized three-piece Bugatti by Schedoni leather luggage set takes up to 110 hours to craft. The complete set is made of over 150 separate pieces of leather, around 150 pieces of backing material and 50 cuts of lining. The ‘Weekender’ bag fits perfectly into the front trunk, while there are two soft garment leather bags that slot in neatly behind the two seats in the cabin of the Chiron.

All of these finest-quality materials are cut and stitched to make luggage that is millimeter-perfect to fit in the Bugatti Chiron, as a bespoke luggage set that is crafted by artisans and Italian experts of leather. The Bugatti luggage set is carefully shaped from the same cuts of leather that adorn the cabin of the customer’s Chiron, so each hyper sports car’s interior and luggage set will be created from the same high quality leather hide.

The luggage set benefits from the enormous amount of personalization options available to customers ordering a Chiron, which is second-to-none. The tailored leather luggage set can be configured at the same time as commissioning the dream Bugatti Chiron. Customers can refine the hand-made leather luggage set to suit their own tastes. The grade and type of leather can be changed, as can the color of the leather and the yarn, with up to 31 unique hues to choose from ranging across a broad color chart.

Luggage can be personalized further with unique stitching, patterns and logos that can be embroidered especially. Whether customers wish to adorn their luggage set with an additional ‘EB’ Bugatti embossed crest or if they have their own ideas for custom designs and logos, Bugatti makes the most of modern configuration technology to make anything possible.

Customization options for the official Chiron luggage set form part of the 3D car configurator journey with Bugatti. When a customer has completed the design set-up of their new Chiron, the leather luggage set can be personalized fully online, with the full suite of colors, stitching and other options fully accessible virtually. Customers can even get a glimpse of what the leather luggage set will look like, thanks to the design preview function that visualizes customers’ wishes before an order is placed. Customers may also order bespoke luggage sets for all other Bugatti hyper sports cars, including the Divo and Centodieci.

Mr. Simone Schedoni, fourth generation and current Chairman at Schedoni, said: “Considering the amount of attention and care that goes into crafting every Bugatti model, every single piece of luggage we produce matches the same level of passion, craftsmanship and dedication. Our leather sets are especially made for the shape of the Chiron, so every item fits seamlessly, whether it is kept in the front trunk or in the cockpit. Every model made by Bugatti is highly personalized and tailored to its owner, and the options for the luggage sets allow for the same level of bespoke luxury.”

Founded in 1880, Schedoni is a family-owned business based in Modena, Italy.
The company has been manufacturing shoes for about 80 years. In 1977, the third generation, Mr. Mauro Schedoni modified the business model and started the production of bespoke luggage and accessories for high-end cars. Today, Schedoni collaborates with the best automotive brands in the world.

The official Bugatti by Schedoni luggage collection will be available to configure for customers from the end of April 2021.