Press release5/7/2020

Bugatti Divo configuration – made to order on request

Bugatti Divo configuration – made to order on request


Personal individualization makes every Bugatti Divo unique.

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Fuel consumption and emissions

  • 1Divo: WLTP fuel consumption, l/100 km: low phase 43,33 / medium phase 22,15 / high phase 17,99 / extra high phase 18,28 / combined 22,32; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 505,61; efficiency class: G
  • 2Chiron: WLTP fuel consumption, l/100 km: low phase 44.56 / medium phase 24.80 / high phase 21.29 / extra high phase 21.57 / combined 25.19; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 571.64; efficiency class: G

Extremely powerful and very exclusive. Bugatti hyper sports cars have always been at the very pinnacle of automobile construction. They are unique pieces of the highest quality and craftsmanship, developed and manufactured with enormous attention to detail.

Like the Bugatti Divo1, undoubtedly one of the world’s most extraordinary hyper sports cars. This coupé, which is limited to a series of just 40 cars, is now reviving the long coachbuilding tradition of this French luxury manufacturer. After two years of development work, the first of these cars costing at least EUR 5 million will soon be delivered to expectant Bugatti enthusiasts.

“Every Divo is absolutely unique, the ultimate form of luxury. This limited and extremely high-performance hyper sports car has an exclusive character all of its own,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “The Divo offers exceptional lateral acceleration as well as agility, and it is a must-have for any Bugatti enthusiast’s hyper sports car collection.” Besides reduced weight, progressive design and sophisticated aerodynamics, the Divo is characterized by the ideas of its future owners.

Many Divo purchasers decide to customise their cars, choosing their own colours and materials such as paint, leather and stitching. They introduce their own design ideas and use them to create their very own personal cars. “This makes every Divo one of a kind,” says Laure Beneteau, Sales and Operations Manager at Bugatti. The 37-year-old Frenchwoman has been working for Bugatti since 2006 and since then she has supported over 400 Veyron and 300 Chiron2 customers during configuration and she has also been supporting Divo customers since 2018. “We accompany them as they choose their cars. But that is not all we do. They can dream with us. Almost every wish that makes a Bugatti unique? We can make it come true,” explains Laure Beneteau. So, in theory, the choice of colors is unlimited. Three staff members handle the wishes of Bugatti customers from all over the world and explain what is technically feasible, and the entire customisation team, called “Bugatti sur Mesure”, is made up of 15 staff. “We have developed close relationships with many customers over the years. They trust us and value our opinions,” says Laure Beneteau with more than a hint of pride.

The Molsheim Experience

During the Molsheim Experience, where Bugatti customers can learn about the history of the marque, the historic Château, the North Remise and South Remise and the modern Atelier, Laure Beneteau or one of her colleagues accompany Bugatti enthusiasts as they configure their cars. A designer and a technician also assist in this process, explaining the technical details of the vehicle. The process takes almost five hours to complete. There are many ways to customize a Bugatti. “Some customers might know exactly what they want. But we also have customers whom we advise in detail, we work together with them and come up with suggestions,” explains Anne Beynat, Sales Coordinator at Bugatti since 2011. “Customers often have their own ideas, such as family crests, national flags, their own logos or special color schemes. Together with our team of designers and engineers, we then try to implement those ideas in technical terms. Some customers choose the leather and color to match their handbag or their favorite pair of shoes,” says the 32-year-old. There are almost no limits to their wishes, as long as they don’t impair vehicle safety or change the Bugatti brand logo Anne Beynat often makes a selection of configurations which she then presents to customers and discusses with them. “Most of them already own a Bugatti, so we know their preferences. Our Divo customers all already drive at least one Chiron,” she explains. Together they select the type and color of leather to use, run through possible options and decide on the perfect color for the paintwork. Most customers want something very special.

The sky is the limit for design ideas

In addition to the body color, decorative parts, the roof, engine covers, and other components can also be painted in contrasting colors. Also, in terms of leather color, the variety exceeds all expectations. It is even possible to match the paintwork to the leather.

Special features that have already been realized in the course of Bugatti’s long history of individualization, include embossed children’s footprints in the rear panel of the Veyron, the first name of the partner embroidered in the door pockets, or crystals in the cockpit. Individually designed grilles or logos on the downside of the impressive rear wing can be realized too “Besides the technical challenge, time always has a part to play. It can take up to four months to develop a new color, nine months for a new leather and up to a year for a new carbon interior. “With our custom products, we make the same high demands in terms of materials and workmanship as with the standard configuration. After all, we want our Divo and Chiron cars to look and drive perfectly even after many, many years,” explains Laure Beneteau. Customers receive up-to-date photos every two weeks while their cars are being developed.

Tastes differ in that regard, especially when it comes to clients from different regions of the world. While Asian customers tend to request more unusual colors and prefer effect paint, the European market tends to choose more restrained tones. Customers from the USA or the Middle East, on the other hand, like to order more eye-catching and extravagant color combinations. One customer worked with the Bugatti team for more than a year on the customization of his Divo. They have created a completely new vehicle as a result of a number of meetings all around the globe and lots of samples and discussions. Now this Bugatti enthusiast can hardly wait to receive his very own personalized Divo. No exceptions: even though Bugatti customers own almost everything, the handover is usually a very emotional moment.