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Bugatti Brand Lifestyle presents Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Bugatti Brand Lifestyle presents Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Following the successful opening of its debut London flagship boutique in Knightsbridge last year, Bugatti Brand Lifestyle is proud to present the Autumn/Winter 2015 lifestyle collection.

This season the range continues to reflect the French super sports car manufacturer’s brand extension strategy, with a carefully crafted cohesive trend-led collection designed for the modern gentleman. The range includes two lines; the elegant EB – Ettore Bugatti Collection and the sports luxury Bugatti - Performance Luxury Collection. Three major themes of the EB Collection include Flamboyant, the Blue Carpet Soirée and Formal Wear while Performance Luxury combines technology with the finest high tech materials creating a sports line centered around a Bespoke Ski Collection.

EB – Ettore Bugatti Collection. The Flamboyant offering this season is eccentric but extremely refined, designed for men who appreciate attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. The collection combines silk and cashmere with jacquard brocade and embroidery, which is reflected in the interior detail of the vintage Bugatti motors. Structural elements of the cars such as the spokes of the wheels and the carbon fiber body shells are also reminiscent throughout the collection. Key pieces within the Flamboyant section are the brilliant selection of coats in fabrics such as kangaroo, mink and two-ply cashmere. Along with unstructured jackets, the classic elegant driver’s jacket again draws inspiration from the world of auto racing. Perfect for the party season, the capsule Blue Carpet Soirée line is both glamorous and sophisticated, with the ultimate statement piece coming in the form a new tuxedo in silk and stretched cotton. The Formal Wear, dedicated to all those who prefer a classic and refined look, is characterized by the elegant Bugatti blue colour palette, often reinterpreted in an array of statement prints. Pinstripe suiting and separates in both cashmere and flannel are also available in a variety of check patterns.

Bugatti - Performance Luxury Collection. This sports-inspired collection combines high tech materials and processes to provide the highest level of contemporary luxury. The result is a range of the greatest quality, perfect for an active, high-intensity sports lifestyle without forgetting the elegance and style of Ettore Bugatti. Within the Bespoke Ski Collection there are a number of technical aspects; high carbon sheets reinforce the shoulders of the jackets to provide added comfort on the slopes, while waterproof soft shell and lambskin jackets offer ultimate protection during any weather.

Entirely “Made In Italy”, the EB – Ettore Bugatti Collection has an unmistakable signature throughout: all items are designed in accordance with the cars, with the DNA of Bugatti present throughout every aspect of the collection. There are 431 copies created of each piece in this collection, which equates to the world speed record kph time that the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport achieved in 2010. Fundamental to what makes the garments and accessories instantly recognizable are the Bugatti brand details, representing its heritage and link to the world of motorsport. Examples are the EB initials which are applied embossed as sterling silver and stitched onto the linings. The vertical centre line returns throughout the collection and is inspired by the line created by the combination of the plates of vintage cars, while the dancing elephant, the symbol of the house, is under the collars of both coats and jackets: a special place, hidden from the eye, that only the Bugatti man knows of.

Autumn/Winter Collection highlights new Ettore Bugatti Shoe Collection This Autumn/Winter 2015 collection sees an innovative new line of accessories to complement the main EB – Ettore Bugatti Collection. Highlights this season include the new Ettore Bugatti Shoe-Collection, with a selection that is both sophisticated and refined, keeping the stylish aesthetic of the brand. With the customary care in both finish and workmanship, the footwear line ranges from driving boots to moccasins, all made in fine leathers such as pony, suede, alligator and ostrich. Fundamental to the brand are the soles which are all strictly a Bugatti blue colour, reflecting the heritage of the brand. The metal elements, inspired by the car bodies, are hand finished by skilled craftsmen in Florence, and the 16 tacks applied on the tip of the soles reflect the number of cylinders of the Bugatti Veyron.

The key new accessories for the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection are enhanced by the new style of bags: the iconic Ettore Bugatti bag is accompanied by the Weekend Bag, the Boston Bag and backpacks which are designed to combine both work and leisure. However, the collection does not forget the female customer and offers new pastel shades in beige or light blue for the Lady Bag, available in a variety of sizes including a tote for everyday use.

Like the clothes, the entire accessories collection is made in Italy. Again each piece is limited to 431 copies. Ettore Bugatti accessories are all handmade individually, just like the cars, and are the result of up to 36 working hours of skilled mastery.

Exclusive Bespoke Collection The excellent craftsmanship of the brand also comes to life through an exclusive Bespoke Collection: specifically, dedicated tailor-made formal wear such as elegant suits, and the new bespoke footwear created to meet the growing demand of its customers to have truly special customised products. Relying on the expert hands of specialists in the field, customers can request made-to-order shoes by choosing from a wide selection of colours, rich leathers and details.

About Bugatti Brand Lifestyle In October 2013, Bugatti launched its Lifestyle Collection as a major step in its brand extension strategy, as Bugatti does not only stand for benchmark technology and breath-taking performance, but also for art, design and a sophisticated lifestyle. The new lifestyle collection represents the DNA of the brand, and creates the opportunity to transport the aura and myth of this automotive icon into other aspects of life beyond the automobile. In November 2014, Bugatti opened its first lifestyle boutique worldwide in London, Knightsbridge. It is the first location in a retail network of up to 30 exclusive mono brand boutiques Bugatti intends to establish in the world’s major capitals of fashion and luxury over a period of five years.

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