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Bugatti and Master & Dynamic reveal new collection of sound accessories

Bugatti and Master & Dynamic reveal new collection of sound accessories


Sound has always been a core part of the Bugatti experience, from the howl of the Type 35’s straight-eight to the powerful rumble of the Chiron’s advanced W16. And today, Bugatti reveals a new collection of personal sound accessories, created in partnership with New York-based premium audio brand, Master & Dynamic.

Bugatti has partnered with Master & Dynamic to create a limited-edition collection of state-of-the-art sound tools.
The materials used for the sound tools are the same – magnesium and aluminium – as featured in Bugatti’s hyper sports cars.
The MG20 model, a wireless gaming headphone, offers an immersive 7.1 surround  sound  experience.
As well as the Nocturne/Lake Blue model, the Master & Dynamic for Bugatti headphones are also available in Nocturne/Jet Orange as well as Blanc/Deep Blue color combinations.
The Bugatti horseshoe grille was a point of reference for the design of the grille that houses the powerful drivers in each of the headphones.
Inspired by Bugatti’s hyper sports cars, the high-performance MG20 model range celebrates the brand’s legendary automobile heritage.
The active noise-cancelling MW08 earphones feature custom 11mm Beryllium drivers.
The MW08 active noise-cancelling earphones are lightweight and long-lasting, with 42 hours of total playtime.
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Fuel consumption and emissions

  • 1Chiron Super Sport: WLTP fuel consumption, l/100 km: low phase 40.31 / medium phase 22.15 / high phase 17.89 / extra high phase 17.12 / combined 21.47; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 486.72; efficiency class: G

Just as the experience of driving a Bugatti is designed to be incomparable, the new Master & Dynamic Bugatti collection is a marriage of artistry and innovative technology that delivers an unparalleled listening experience.

“Driving a Bugatti literally excites all the senses, including sound. The whistle of the W16 engine’s four turbochargers, the powerful exhaust note and the intensity of air rushing over the body at incomparable speed were a real source of inspiration for us. We hope to instill this aural magic into the Master & Dynamic collection for Bugatti by infusing our most cutting-edge products with a technology reminiscent of the power of a Bugatti and a listening experience as exciting as that of driving one,” said Jonathan Levine, CEO and Founder at Master & Dynamic.

The audio pieces in the Bugatti collection are part of Master & Dynamic’s most sophisticated models, including the MW75 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones with three modes of active noise cancellation and 32 hours of battery life. The MG20 Gaming Wireless Headphones, meanwhile deliver a fully immersive 7.1 surround sound experience, while the MW08 Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones are lightweight and long-lasting, with 42 hours of total playtime.

The colors of the collection pay homage to Bugatti heritage, as well as the current range of hyper sports cars. Shades of French Racing Blue hark back to the early Grand Prix racers that established Bugatti’s motorsport reputation, while a deep orange is applied in honor of the Bugatti World Record Edition vehicles, including Chiron Super Sport1. The grille that houses the powerful drivers – made of lightweight and strong Beryllium – in each pair of headphones is inspired by the famous Bugatti horseshoe grille.

In their construction, the Master & Dynamic collection mirrors the materials found in Bugatti’s hyper sports cars, with both engineering for optimum performance and durability. The MG20 headphones, for example, feature ear cups crafted from incredibly strong and lightweight magnesium, just like the wheels available for certain Bugatti models. The tactile, aluminum controls on the Bugatti Master & Dynamic collection evoke the intricate aluminum detailing found in Bugatti hyper sports cars, including the W16 Mistral’s gear lever which is milled from a solid block of the lightweight and durable metal.

“Bugatti partners with brands that are not only world-leaders in their field but also create products that stir the soul. Master & Dynamic is one such brand, and this limited edition collection of audio accessories will allow owners to experience vivid, all-encompassing noise in the same way one might while driving one of our range of hyper sports cars. Their team’s concern for the right design and the right quality matches exactly the ethos of our brand” said Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director at Bugatti International.

The Master & Dynamic for Bugatti collection will be available for pre-sale at,,, from March 30th. The MW75 ANC Wireless Headphones will retail for $699/€699/£649 while MG20 Wireless Headphones will retail for $599/€599/£529. The MW08 Active Noise-Cancelling Earphones will retail for $399 / €449 / £419.

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